What's in your sauces?

You mean besides a whole lot of deliciousness?! I always use the best ingredients I can find. That means organic as much as possible, non-GMO as much as possible, and the freshest herbs possible. There are also no added chemicals or artificial ingredients. Additionally, being gluten-sensitive myself, all of my sauces are gluten-free.

Are your sauces shelf stable?

Yes! Their pH testing assures that it will be at least 2 years before the color and flavor begins to fade (and even after that, they're still safe to consume). That being said, please don't wait to years to enjoy their yumminess! And, of course, be sure to refrigerate them after opening.

I noticed you ship eco-friendly. Can you tell me more about that?

The older I get, the more I understand that small changes can have big results. The influence of my parents and a few specific friends have helped me be more conscious about doing my part... even if it's little things... to help the planet. Once I realized I'd be shipping my sauces I made a commitment to myself to use as little plastic and as much recycled or reused material as possible for my packing and shipping. My shipping boxes are made of recycled materials, my tape is recyclable, and the wrapping/filling inside your box is either purchased recycled material or excellent condition paper or plastic packing materials that I have received with supplies I've ordered. It's not the easiest or cheapest way to send my sauces, but I believe it's the responsible way and am excited to be able to offer it to my customers :)

Speaking of shipping...

One of the biggest surprises to me when I prepared to launch my business was how expensive shipping is. Know that I make NO money off of the shipping charges... what you pay me is what I pay them. And actually, you can pay LESS than what I'm charged when you take advantage of my flat rate shipping offer. Click here for details.

If I am in the local Denver, CO area can I pick them up?

You sure can! I will be working with local retailers on stocking my sauces and, until that happens, I'd be happy to arrange a location for pick-up. You can send me an email at sales@chefsherrisauces.com to discuss this further.

Returns and refunds

I want you to be completely happy with your sauces. If something happens during transit, or you're unhappy with your purchase, please reach out to me at help@chefsherrisauces.com to discuss the situation. I promise to do what I can to make it right.

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