Meet the Chef

Chef Sherri Sauces was created out of a passion to help people create delicious dishes with real ingredients without much effort. As a personal chef and certified nutrition coach, I repeatedly heard from clients how they wanted to eat better but either lacked the time, skill, knowledge, or desire to cook. Consequently, they often turned to highly-processed pre-made meals, fast food, chemical-laden ingredients, or would just skip eating. I knew I could help and set about finding a way.


With the help of clients, friends, and fellow chefs I began tinkering with some sauce ideas and was gratified to get immediate positive feedback. Over the course of a year I continued testing, creating dishes using the sauces, tweaking, and repeating all over again. Once I had local demand for my first six sauces I knew it was time to begin the process of bringing them to a larger market.


Under the “Shop” link you’ll find all of the sauces currently offered; in time there will be additional sauces as well as other helpful cooking products. Keep checking my website regularly for new recipes and ideas or, better yet, sign up for my newsletter and I’ll send them directly to your inbox!


I hope you enjoy your sauces, and thank you for inviting me into your home.

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